Conscious Cannabis Music

Psychedelic Music for Healing Trauma, Anxiety and Depression with Cannabis Sativa

by Sebastian Beca

Music and sound are an essential part of any psychedelic journey. Some medicines go well with silence, others with spoken voice or songs. Ayahuasca circles traditionally have sacred Icaros songs that assist in the healing process that the medicine is doing.

What is the music of Cannabis? 

We find that Conscious Cannabis can lend itself to many styles of music and sound. There is much of personal preference and what one person may find stimulating and opening, another might consider distracting and hard to follow.

We invest a lot of time in finding music that matches the energy of the plant medicine and at the same time allows for deep healing processes to occur. We call the music “evocative” and it is our intention to help journeyers explore different emotional states, learn to navigate in and through them. Hence much of our music aims to produce en enveloping sound stage, inviting visuals and somatic release through the creation and release of tension. We thank Daniel McQueen from Medicinal Mindfulness in teaching us this practice and sharing his own musical preferences for this work.

Below we are sharing some of our recent San Francisco Conscious Cannabis Circle playlists. We invite you to explore these, perhaps even go off on your own home journey.  

Tips on how to listen to Conscious Cannabis Music

1) Find a comfortable place where you can be safe and calm for a few hours

2) take 5-10 minutes to meditate, set an intention from your heart

3) imbibe (smoke) some of your favorite strain

4) place your headphones on and allow yourself to navigate through the music

5) when you start, try relaxing with some of the gentle meditation tracks at the beginning of each list with a breathing practice and/or body scan meditation. 

Please note that some tracks at the start and end are for meditation and discussion in our circles, so feel free to skip around as needed.

Conscious Cannabis Set Lists

CC #7 – Augmented Reality  – 7/20/2019, San Francisco, CA

The first half of this playlist before the break has a series of greatest hits from Daniel’s playlists. The second half I tried to explore the more gentle tones, some vocals and new instrumental tracks. Really like the Clint Mansell Out of the Blue tracks.

CC #6 – Summer Solstice Pride  – 6/29/2019, San Francisco, CA

Journey through your fears, shadows, guilt, anger and shame and inwards into your heart. Music for journeys to heal trauma, anxiety and depression.

CC #5 : May you be Happy – 5/25/2019, San Francisco, CA

This is a classic CC list that includes major pieces from Byron Metcalf, Zoe Keating, Jami Sieber and Nick Cave (from the Mars soundtrack).

CC #4 : Finding your Path – 4/20/2019, San Francisco, CA

Our 420 spacey trippy playlist.

CC #3 : Fall Equinox – Mill Valley, CA

Classic CC.