Conscious Cannabis Circles

Conscious Cannabis Circles are a ceremonial group encounter for exploring and communing with the Plant Spirit Ally Cannabis Sativa. In these monthly gatherings we come together as a community to heal, grow, transform and celebrate. The journey consist of a 4 hour workshop where you will be guided by trained and experienced facilitators on how to navigate the psychedelic realms this plant opens us up to. We provide a safe and sacred setting for this unfolding. 

We begin each journey by creating sacred space together as a community. We then share some guidelines in how to approach this experience in a mindful and intentional way. We then imbibe together as a group and then guide you through a body relaxation. After this we invite you to lie down and journey with our curated evocative music set. We are there with you for the entire journey. We then bring participants back to the room and do some integration and grounding accompanied by light snacks (if you have allergies or special needs please reach out to us before the ceremony). We make sure everybody is doing well before you go home.

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